Cost to borrow these items is $2.00 for a one month period


B01     The Sportplane Builder                                                          Tony Bingelis - EAA

B02     Firewall Forward                                                                    Tony Bingelis - EAA

B03     Sportplane Construction Techniques                                     Tony Bingelis - EAA

B04     Aircraft Fabric Covering                                                        Neal Carlson - IAP

B05     Aircraft Weight & Balance                                                    Joe Schafer - IAP

B06     Amateur-Built Aircraft & Ultralight                                     U.S. D.O.T. (FAA)

                Flight Testing Handbook 1995 (2003)                               AC-90-89A

B07     Builders Information Handbook 2009                                   EAA Can. Council

B08     Aircraft Painting & Finishing                                                            Jeppesen

B09     Basic Electronics & Radio Installation                                 Jeppesen

B10     Aircraft Ignition & Electrical Power Systems                        Jeppesen

B11     Propeller Making for the Amateur                                         Eric Clutton

B12     Freefall-41,000 feet & out of fuel                                         Capt. Bob Pearson     

B14     Poberezny - The Story Begins                                                           Paul Poberezny

B15     Aircraft Corrosion Control                                                    IAP

B16     Aircraft Instrument Systems                                                  IAP

B17     Aircraft Reciprocating Engines                                             IAP

B18     Basic Hand Tools - Vol. 1                                                      EAA-US Navy

B19     Choosing Your Homebuilt                                                     Ken Armstrong

B20     An Airplane in my Living Room                                           Margaret Algeo

B21     Aviation Quarterly (2nd 1979)                                              ---

B22     Double Cross (Canadian Airways)    (2 copies)                    Shirley Render

B23     Modern Turbocharged Auto Engines for Av. Use                 Charles Kondas

B24     Amateur Built Aircraft Reference Material                          U.S. DOT/FAA

B25     L’Aventure des Pilots de Brousse                                          Sylvain Gingras

B26     Instrument Flying                                                                   Richard L. Taylor

B27     Canada’s Nat. AV. Museum (Its History & Collections)      K.M. Molson                

B28     Pazmany PL-4A Construction Manual                                               L. Pazmany

B29     Designing & Building the Sheet Metal Brake                       D.J.Gingery

B30     Ocean Bridge – RAF Ferry Command                                   Carl A. Christie

B31     A Gift of Wings                                                                      Richard Bach

B32     The AeroElectric Connection (AC electrical systems)          Bob Nuckolls 2 copies

B33     COPA Guide to Amateur-Builts (2004)                                 COPA

B34     The Compleat Taildragger Pilot                                             Harvey S Plourde

B35    | Propellers – First & Final Explanation                                 Jack Norris

-----    | The Logic of Flight     (2 books in one)                                Jack Norris

B36      Theory of Wing Sections                                                       Abbott & von Doenhoff

B37      Aircraft Building Techniques – Wood                                  EAA   

B38      Flying on the Edge                                                                 Gene Manion

B39      Pie in the Sky                                                                         Garth Wallace

B40      Cockpit Follies                                                                      Garth Wallace

B41    You Can Fly  (Some history, St.Lazare Flying, etc.)              Dan Mackie

B42     I Learned About Flying From That                                        Flying Magazine

B43     Bush Flying                                                                             Levi & O’Meara

B44     Mountain Flying                                                                     Geeting & Woerner

B45     A change of Wings                                                                 Don McVicar

B46     Week-end Pilot                                                                       Frank Kingston Smith

B47     Great Battles WW-1 In The Air  (Bishop, Brown, Mitchell, Rickenbacker)

B48     Truth Straight From The Top – Air Canada                           Robert Milton

B49     The Smile High Club                                                              Garth Wallace

B50     Cowboys of the Sky – Alaska’s Bush Pilots                          Steven Levy   

B51     Soaring                                                                                    Peter Dixon    

B52     One Zero Charlie – Grass Roots Aviation                              L. Gonzales

B53     The Next Hour                                                                        Richard Collins

B54     Bingelis on Engines                                                                Tony Bingelis – EAA

B55     Kitplane Construction 1991                                                   Ron Wanttaja

B56     Building the Custom Aircraft with Wood Vol. 1, 1964         EAA

B57     Building the Custom Aircraft with Wood Vol. 2, 1970         EAA               

B58     Jigs for Wooden Aircraft                                                        J.G. Ord-Hume

B59     Modern Aircraft Covering Techniques 1973                         EAA

B60     Custom Build Sport Aircraft Handbook 1994                        EAA

B61     Sport Aircraft You Can Build 1974                                       EAA

B62     Acro Sport – How to Build 1973                                            EAA

B63     Pilot Reports & Flight Testing 1970                                      EAA

B64     Aircraft Maintenance & Repair 1993                                    Glencoe

B65     Aircraft Engine Operating Guide 1988                                  Belvoir/Thomas

B66     Aircraft Instruments 1981                                                      Pallett

B67     Mechanics of Flight 1972                                                       Kermode

B68     Flight Briefing for Pilots-Advanced Training, 2 1982          Birch Branson

B69     Flight Briefing for Pilots-Advanced Ground Subjects 1979   Birch Branson

B70     Flight Briefing for Pilots-Advanced Emerg. Procedures1980 Birch Branson

B71     Flight Briefing for Pilots-Advanced Check Pilot 1980         Birch Branson

B72     Flight Briefing for Pilots-Advanced IMC Rating Manual1981 Birch Branson

B73     Fly & Survive 1985                                                                Hurst

B74     Anyone Can Fly 1985                                                             Bergman

B75     From The Ground Up 1996                                                     Aviation Publishers

B76     Flight Deck (Airline Pilot) 1979                                            Geo. Lothian

B77     Handling the Big Jets 1971                                                    Davies

B78     Jet Aircraft (Military) 1984                                                   Heatly

B79     Canadair Sabre 1986                                                               L. Milberry

B80     Great Warplanes of the 1980’s                                               Bill Yenne

B81     Concorde 1975                                                                        Clark/Gibson

B82     If We Had Wings (3 D Book) 2001                                        R. Buck

B83     P-51 Bomber Escort 1971                                                       Ballentine’s History

B84     Mike Busch on Engines 2018              493 pages                   Mike Busch






CD 1    AeroPAD – Software for aircraft design analysis                 SICAPT

CD 2    Propeller Care & Maintenance for Professionals                 Hartzell

CD 3    Propeller Care & Maintenance for Pilots                              Hartzell

CD 4    U.S. Industrial Tool – Product Catalog Vol. 19                    U.S. Tool

CD 5    Vantage Plane Plastics Catalog 2.1                                       Vantage Plane

CD 6    The Europa   (sVCD)                                                             Factory

CD 7    Early Pioneers Barnstorming Around Toronto                      Leavens


DVD 8   Scratch Building Basics Metal Aircraft (set 2)                  Can-Zac Aviation

DVD 9   Sonex Story 2009  -  35 min.                                               Sonex Aircraft

DVD 10  Tailwheel 101  -  93 min.                                                    DelGlaizo

DVD 11  Oshkosh 2010  -  60 min                                                     EAA

DVD 12  Montebello 2011                                                                 Chapter 266

DVD 13  Oshkosh 2011  -  60 min                                                     EAA

DVD 14  Montebello 2012                                                                 Chapter 266

DVD 15  Gatineau 2011                                                                     Chapter 266

DVD 16  Oshkosh 2012                                                                     EAA

DVD 17  Oshkosh 2013                                                                     EAA

DVD 18  Sheet Metal for Kit Aircraft                                               EAA



























T-01   Pilot’s operating Handbook & Flight Manual, Cessna 172N

T-02   Cessna 170 Parts Manual

T-03   Cessna 150 – section 2 & 5 Service Manual

T-04   Cessna 150 Owners Manual

T-05   Cessna 152 (1978) Pilot’s Operating Handbook

T-06   Stinson 108 General Service Manual

T-07   Stinson 108 150 Owner’s Operating Manual

T-08   Stinson 108-150 Operating Limitations 1946

T-09   Stinson 108-150 Operating Limitations 1947

T-10   Franklin Engine Service Manual 150-B3 & 165-B3

T-11   Franklin Engine Parts List

T-12   Ercoupe-Aircoupe Owners Manual

T-13   Ercoupe Hints & Tips 1976-1978 (Owners Club)

T-14   Ercoupe Parts List (Skyport Services) 2002

T-15   Swift 125 Parts Catalog – Univair

T-16   Navion Booklet – Buyers tips

T-17   Beechcraft Single Engine Safety Info 1994

T-18   Continental Engine OH Manual for C75, 85, 90, O200

T-19   Continental Engine C Series Parts Catalog

T-20   Continental Engine A & C Series O-200 Operator’s Manual

T-21   Continental Engine O-300 & C Series Operator’s Manual

T-22   Continental Engine C125, C145 & O-300 Overhaul Manual

T-23   Continental Engine C125, C145 & O-300 Service Parts Catalog

T-24   Lycoming Technical Publication Revision O-320-B and D Series Engines

T-25   Slick Magnetos 4200/6200 Series Maintenance & Overhaul Instructions

T-26   Eisemann Magneto Service Handbook

T-27   Eisemann Magneto Service Parts Catalog

T-28   Piper Cherokee Arrow 111 Info Manual